Mirafloor Industrial

A process designed specifically for warehouses and other storage facilities, Mirafloor Industrial is different from other common concrete surface treatments as it provides increased abrasion resistance and reflectiveness to the surface of the concrete.

By using the Mirafloor Industrial product, the surface becomes easy to clean and low-maintenance and also adds to the appearance of the floor – which is advantageous as industrial facilities tend to take on an untidy, dull look over time.

Mirafloor Industrial creates a hardwearing, long-lasting and aesthetically appealing surface – allowing the surface to look better for longer.

Installation of our Mirafloor Industrial concrete treatment is quick and easy, ensuring tight programming requirements on large projects can be met and timelines kept. This concrete treatment is also eco-friendly; making it a great alternative to solvent-based or epoxy flooring options.

If you’re looking for an industrial concrete treatment that protects your property and ensures it stands the test of time, look no further than Mirafloor Industrial.