Carpark Cure and Seal

Mirafloor’s Car Park Cure & Seal system has been designed especially for car parks and has many beneficial features that protect the concrete and car parks over the long term.

Depending on the type of protection you require Mirafloor offer a range of tailored options including economical spray-applied sealing, surface abrasion resistance and dust-proofing, heavy-duty coatings, solutions compatible with line marking, and many others to fit your needs.

All of our Car Park Cure and Seal solutions are bespoke to each customer’s needs to ensure the most efficient outcome.

If your commercial or industrial property requires superior cark park concrete sealing solutions Mirafloor’s innovate concrete treatments are available for projects across Australia.

Our concrete Cure and Seal treatments reduce maintenance costs, as the coating makes the surface easier to clean. In addition, a cure and seal treatment provide topical and integral protection, increasing the lifespan of the car park floor.

Mirafloor also offers AS3799 compliant options of the Car Park Cure and Seal for our clients and suppliers.